Our Close-knit community offers a nurturing learning environment for the children and a support network for the teachers and families.


The nature of mutual support amongst the Indigo community exemplifies the often quoted proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Indigo is structured to provide teachers, parents, and children the opportunity for positive interaction both inside and outside the classroom. The entire community works to create a harmonious environment that promotes wellness.

A family picnic, summer park days, service learning, talent show, harvest festival, and guest speakers, for example, all contribute to a sense of interconnectedness. Through training and seminars, a consistent message of self-improvement for our children is encouraged at home as well as at school.

A buddy program teaches our older students how to role model for, and be considerate of early primary grade students. Our social committee hosts several “Linger Longer” morning coffee mixers throughout the year. Even fundraising brings people together. Dinner Nights Out, the Fun Run and the Art Show and annual Music in the Park are all opportunities for families to work and play together.