Indigo was established in 2005 as a collaboration between parents and the Oak Grove School District. Founding parents worked with OGSD administration to create a developmental, hands-on program that taught the whole child. Positive Discipline and constructivist learning became the heart of the Indigo program. The team researched many Progressive Education school models to design a Progressive Ed program as part of the school district. Once the vision was created the challenge was to enroll 60 students grades K-3. Though this was a two-year process, in August 2005, we opened our doors. We began with 3 teachers, 3 multi-age classrooms, and 60 kids. Since then, each year we have added a class and have grown into our current K-8 model. In 2011, the first Indigo graduating class left us and those students joined the high school ranks.

Though our education model is established, we continue to grow. By 2019, our goal is to grow to a total of 18 classrooms with approximately 560 students. With continued growth, the policies and procedures of Indigo may gradually change over time but the original philosophy of the program and our long-standing traditions will remain the same.

The name Indigo was carefully selected by the founders of the program. “I.N.D.I.G.O.” stands for Inspiring, Nurturing, Discovering, Integrating, Guiding, and Opportunities.